Hello, I make websites

Lovely yummy websites like grandma used to make
, handcrafted in West Sussex


Award-winning bespoke web design and implementation.
I can build a site for your business or organisation that's a beautiful as is it effective, and support you through every stage of the process.

Logos, copywriting, and everything required to create a 'look and feel' for your organisation. Business cards to colour schemes, style to stationery, and everything in between.
Logos, copy writing, organisational look and feel.
Logos, copy writing, organisational look and feel.

I can design everything that your business needs to operate in the physical world. Marketing materials, leaflets and brochures, banners and stationery. Everything you might need.
Brochures, business cards, stationery, leaflets.
Brochures, business cards, stationery, leaflets.

I've experience in managing social media feeds for accounts with tens of thousands of followers. Let's create a truly social space to connect with your clients.
Let me create a truly social space for your clients.
Let me create a truly social space for your clients.
What I do
Chances are that you're reading this because you’re looking for some to help with a web design project, and that's a really good job as that’s what I do. So the great news is that we’re both doing really well so far; let’s have a cookie to celebrate.

Based in the heart of West Sussex, I specialise in making the whole process as easy as possible whilst providing solid and effective modern designs. It can all be a bit scary; you might not know what you need, or how it all works, but that's okay as I’m here to make it simple.

And maybe you’re not looking for a website. I also design for print and other media so I can help with brochures, business cards, signage, and manner of other goodies. And if you're looking for support with social media, then guess what? I can provide all the help you need around that too.
How I work
Firstly and most importantly I spend the time with you to find out about what you - or your company or organisation - actually do. It’s vital to know who your audience is, both currently or as a target market.

Then we'll discuss what your site is actually for. Strangely, a lot of people don't do this bit, the little scamps. When we’ve worked out what you want it to do, we’ll discuss some strategies to deliver in terms of layout, number of pages, and overall look and feel. We’ll connect around what you like, and what you don’t, because everyone’s aesthetic is different and you’ll want it to look as good as it can.

Then I’ll build you something beautfiul.

Good-looking, effective, fast, and compatible with all screen devices. Something that you’re proud of, something that you feel showcases your organisation. And then we’ll tweak to make sure you’re as happy as possible and that it does what we wanted it to do. And then we go home for tea and medals.
Stuff that I've made

I've designed websites, annual reports and food packaging. I've made clothes and merchandise, corporate stands at events, and even designed a frisbee. I've created wireframe UX for apps, and designed logos and wordmarks for brand identities.

There's not much I don't design to be honest, but here’s case-study information about some recent projects. They tell the story of how things come together, and how I help people like yourself.
Bark Park

The owner of a local farm approached me as they wanted to create a secure dog exercise field on their land so dog owners can exercise their dogs off-lead safely. It was a new business, and therefore there was a need to create everything from start to finish.

Across a couple of months I created an entire brand, including logos, strap lines, colour schemes, and importantly voice and style too.

Following a successful launch, I also look after all social media for the Bark Park, with multiple posts a week focusing on whatever is appropriate at the time (such is the needs of social media!) I also provide ongoing marketing support for the farm, with creation of flyers, business cards, and operational help with clients who are using it. A real full stack project, and great fun to be involved with.

Acorn Technical Associates

Acorn Technical Associates are a building surveying consultancy based in West Sussex. Headed by the founder of the company - and using the services of other contractors - they support people in all elements of survey work. Whilst they're very successful, they had no online presence or branding; a similar situation to many SMEs started by a single operator.
Their site was to get them on the digital map, providing an 'online brochure' in the palm of everyone's hand. This is - of course - one of the main reasons why most businesses need to be online; if you're not, you can guarantee your competitors are!

I created logos, business cards, and overall branding look and feel. The inspiration for their colour scheme came from the cushions in their office - a reminder that ideas can come from anywhere! I used their new branding and discussions around their services to create a sharp, modern looking website clearly outlining who they are, what they do, and how they do it; three principles which are the foundation for any website.

CLICK Productions

Now this one was great fun to do. Working as a creative, it's also very rewarding to work alongside people who also work in the sector, in this case theatre *jazz hands*

CLICK Productions are a long-running community theatre group that promote learning through the arts. Whilst they have been putting on shows for almost 20 years, they didn't have a robust platform upon which they could showcase their events.
In late 2022, I designed a new site for them to showcase their past productions and outlining their team, plans, and values. We decided on a novel navigation system for them, to allow quick access to a large number of different pages which show their productions.

The founder of CLICK Productions is Dr Audrey Tang, a Psychologist you might recognise from media outlets in the UK and beyond. I've also buit her website for her in 2022, a site which due to historical content requirements I built via the Wix platform. You can visit that site by following this link.

Total Therapy Studios

Total Therapy Studios are the main provider of Physiotherapy, Pilates classes, and other therapies in the South of England. I've worked with them since 2012, and it's a great example of how I can support in a broad range of functions.

The whole brand was built by myself in terms of look and feel, website, printed media, and digital display boards in their premises. It's also a good demonstration of how branding and marketing has to flex, and with different campaigns throughout the year there's always a need to update. This presents its own challenges; one has to keep fresh new designs coming, and still stay in line with overall look-and-feel of the brand. I also manage their social media too on both Facebook and Instagram, devising fresh new content focusing on current business goals and focuses.

More stuff I've made
Just click on the pictures to expand 'em. See how that works, eh? Websites, business cards, logos, posters, leaflets, and even Christmas cards. But designing for the web? There's nothing more fun. Click on expand at the bottom to see more too.

More stuff I've made
Wait, hold it, back up there. I can see you're looking at this on a mobile device, so you won't be able to see my full portfolio of pretty things. If you visit this page on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer you'll be able to see more. However, here's a wee selection.

More stuff I've made
Just click on the pictures to expand 'em. See how that works, eh? Websites, business cards, logos, posters, leaflets, and even Christmas cards. But designing for the web? There's nothing more fun. Click on expand at the bottom to see more too.
FAQ and more info

I've explained a fair bit here about who I am and how I work, however here's more information for you about some of the specifics. Naturally if you'd like to know more, then just get in contact, but this FAQ section might provide a little more detail.
What makes working with me different?
Much of it comes down to my honest and frank approach, and broad professional history. I used to work in senior operations roles in some very well known companies, which gives me an edge when it comes to discussions around ‘what is it for and why are we doing this?’ It means that we can really deep-dive into what you want your site/project to achieve, and the commercial side of what you’d like it to deliver. And if you want to discuss margins and the business side of things, sure we’ll do that too. The other main difference is how it’s vital for me that your site is a success. I can support with copywriting, images and overall branding, along with social media work and advertising strategies too. It’s never about just copy and pasting some words in and saying ‘job done!’
Can you design me a logo, or a brochure, or a business card, or a hoodie, or or or…
Sure! I’ve designed all manner of things from brochures to banners, from clothing to frisbees. Nothing is a problem, just give me a bell on 07436 956 209 and we can have a chat about what you’re looking for.
I don’t really know what I want…
What’s absolutely fine, and absolutely what I’m here for! Just give me a shout on 07436 956 209 and we can have a natter; I’ll pop the kettle on.
I’m looking for someone local, where are you based?
I live in Storrington in West Sussex, but work in Horsham too. So if you’re looking for someone local then that’s great and it makes meeting for a coffee easier too. However naturally I’ve built websites for people all over the country and beyond so never let distance be a problem; we’re all really good at Zoom now following the last couple of years.
So how much does this all cost then?
Well, every project is different, and contains its own levels of complexity. However as a guide price a website of up to ten pages would probably cost about £899. This includes lots of goodies such as free hosting, and free updates too for at least the first year.
I know someone who can do my website for £150. Why should I work with you?
There’s always someone who can do something cheaper; the important question to ask is how. It might be that they just put your information in a template and hit update, and you won’t have the support of someone who’ll make sure it all makes sense. It might be that they can get it up and running, but don’t know how to fix things if it goes wrong. What price confidence eh?
How come this website is all on one page?
Well, since we all got used to visiting websites on our phones and tablets, there's less of a need in modern design to keep things 'at the top'. In fact, it's easier to scroll a website on a phone than it is to jump from page to page. So one page websites - cleverly divided into sections, and having content hidden in expandable panels - are a good way to get information across simply.
A lot of websites look the same; I’m looking for something completely different.
You raise an interesting point, and something that’s often discussed. A lot of the internet looks quite similar now, and there’s a reason for that. Essentially design is all about effective communication, and over time the most ‘effective’ way of presenting information has funnelled into a familiar layout for a lot of the web. Indeed, some of my clients have said ‘I want it to look broadly like that website you did for that other person’, so trust me it happens. Naturally if you’re looking for something a bit different, then let me know and we can explore all options.
Will I be able to edit my website myself?
Generally speaking no. And you know what, that’s fine; you need to spend your time running your business or organisation and not be worrying about such things. Websites that I build are proper websites, built out of good old-fashioned and solid code. I don’t rely on Wix, or Wordpress, or other systems that sit between your site and the web. That said, two things are important. Firstly if it’s critical that you can update your own website then get in contact (some of our sites have been made in Wix, and I’m a power-user on this platform too). Secondly, if you do want to update your site then just give me a call; in almost all cases these updates are delivered free of charge anyway.
Will I be number one on Google?
Probably not. Yes, I know that's not what you want to hear, but these are the facts of things (and I told you I always work honestly!) The internet works in complex ways, and there's lots of reasons why being top of Google is a huge undertaking both in time and money. I'm more than happy to discuss why, and things that we can do to get as high as possible; just get in contact!
Wait, are you that guy who walked home from Cambridge to Horsham?
Yup, that’s me (don't attempt it yourself, it's a bloody long way). You can find out more – and buy the book I wrote about it – by following this link.
Get in contact

Convinced? I hope so. But remember, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give me a call for a wee natter. I'll be keen to hear about what you're looking for, and discuss how I can help.

It's a wonderful day; let's make something beautiful.

So give me a call:
07436 956 209
01903 743 850

Or send me an email: